Bold and Audacious Dreams

My tribe! Team World Vision: Twin Cities captains

I am so excited for the season ahead of training and growing together with Team World Vision. This past weekend I have been surrounded by some of the boldest, most brave and hopeful people I’ve ever known at the TWV National Leaders Gathering in Chicago, IL. 300 family members from around the US and Canada converged on the Congress Plaza Hotel to pray, dream and hope boldly alongside one another. I feel a renewed sense of urgency on behalf of these kiddos and families we serve.

I am more excited, and at the same time more nervous, than I have ever been to advocate for the children we serve this year. For the third time, I’m about to start training for my first marathon and I am terrified. In my first two seasons with Team World Vision, I experienced some major health issues that kept me from getting to the start line of the marathon. This season, I’m armed with the knowledge of what has been causing these issues (more on that later) and amazing people around me to support me and care well for me.

One expression of the need our kids face keeps coming back to me: Dirty water kills more people every year than AIDS and malaria combined. So, for as long as there are children who lack safe access to clean water, along with my team I will continue to say YES! My “YES!” this year is setting a big goal, a goal that scares me even more than training the third time for my first marathon. My goal is to bring clean water to 1,000 people- that’s a $50,000 goal. HUGE. TERRIFYING. AWESOME. I believe with my whole heart that God has called me to be part of the work God is doing in the world- and the God I believe in is bigger, more powerful and stronger than all the dirty water in all of Africa and all of the world. Let’s do this, friends – together. Are you with me?

Follow my journey here on the blog at Hope, Love, Run. Add this page to your favorites or your bookmarks or however you remember the places you want to read often. Once you’ve bookmarked this blog, would you pray for me? I’ve set a God-sized goal, and only God knows how it will be accomplished. If you want to commit to praying for me throughout this journey, please subscribe to the Hope, Love, Run blog- I’ll be posting a specific prayer request with each blog entry. Many thanks for your love and support, y’all. Blessings!

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