On Rejection

“Embrace the nervousness, and let’s do it anyway ’cause all the good stuff in life happens on the other side of fear. Why are we avoiding these challenges? Let’s just go for it, let’s change lives in the process.” -John Wesley Huddle

11538087_967713233273359_8275952296456641204_o (1)

If you’ve ever gone by yourself to totally unfamiliar place, the look on my face in this picture may bring back some memories. I had just sat down at a table with people I didn’t know (yet) in a room full of excitement and smiles, and my skin was crawling with anxiety. Frankly, most of me didn’t want to be there- I was plumb out of hope, a sentiment my cat and my couch understood well.

This is my “What in the world did I get myself into?” and “You people are seriously nuts!” face.

Over the past three years I’ve learned many of the faces that fill the rooms at Team World Vision gatherings, yet I find myself making the same face and thinking the same thought: what did I get myself into? I’m slowly beginning to see the ways in which I’ve been holding myself back, refusing to give all I have to offer and make my heart vulnerable to accept the invitations of my teammates to be in each other’s lives. As much as I want to dissect myself and find past events upon which I can foist the blame for my behavior, I know that at the roots of each story is a common theme: I am living out of the worry that I will be rejected. When I committed to advocate for kids who are without clean, safe water I had no idea that this worry would be challenged and confronted at every turn.

Last season, most of the donations made for clean water through my Team World Vision page came about because of my social media posts and a few emails. I am so thankful for the generosity of these clean water partners! Lately, I can’t stop thinking about all the people who were and are waiting for me to ask them- specifically, personally, directly. Using only social media to invite people to participate in the mission of providing clean water is the easiest way for ME to participate- I can indulge my fear of rejection by cloaking myself in the relative anonymity and distance of digital communication.

This season, there is one word on my heart and mind: RISK. I am taking the risk of committing to training and putting my heart on the line to bring clean water to kids in Africa. Today I saw this awesome video of my TWV Los Angeles teammate, John Wesley Huddle:

Provide clean water for kids in Africa through Team World Vision by clicking here.

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